Exploring The Beauty Of Toluca

When you are in Mexico to explore its beauty, start your trip from the city Toluca. Why I am saying this is it is Mexico’s central state. You will find lots of attraction here and the glimpse of Mexican beauty. The high altitude and colonial architecture are some of the main attractions of this city. However, there are ample picturesque sites present that will take your breath. I have been in the city a couple of months back, and so I am sharing the name of some places which I find really interesting and want everyone to see it.

  • Cosmovitral Botanical Garden

When I entered this garden it was mesmerizing. The garden was filled with pieces of stained glasses that make the beauty of flora present in the garden exceptionally wonderful. It is the must visit the place.

  • Toluca Cathedral

This church is beautiful from both inside and outside and one of the most famous in Toluca. This is the 19th Century church and has amazing neoclassical façade as well as the ornate and vast nave. You will feel very positive as you will make your way to the church.

  • Parque Alameda 2000

This is a beautiful park surrounded by lush greenery. You will get fresh adhere along with plenty of personal time. The park is one of the highlights of Toluca. There is a duck pond present where you can see nature’s beauty.

  • Museo De Numismática

This is one of the most popular Museums in Toluca and so I decided to visit this Museum though I don’t have any interest in visiting museums. You will get here lots of information about the culture of Mexico as well as its history. There are many literature and architecture present here that will give you a tremendous amount of information that you would love to have.

Thunder Bay: Explore The Fun And Exciting Things To Do

Thunder Bay is also called the Lakehead. Believe it or not, it is the most visited city of Northern Ontario. On my trip, I discovered that this city has so much to offer. It has something to offer every tourist. I enjoyed my stay in the city to the fullest. Let’s take a look at the things you can do when you visit the city.

  • Watch a Sleeping Giant

No, of course not in literal sense, however, a sill and mesa formation has been named as the Sleeping Giant. This is because the structure appears as if a giant is sleeping lying on its back. Climb the cliff in Squaw Bay to get the best view. It was great visiting the Seven Wonders of Canada. I took part in numerous activities like cycling, fishing, camping, and hiking. There are more than 200 campsites in this park.

  • Get to Know About Fur Trade

Want to learn about the economic part of the city? Visit a reconstruction of the fur trade post of Fort William. You will find the fur trade post in the park of Fort William. Take a walk around the park to check out the historians periodically dressed and reconstructed buildings.

  • Lose Yourself in the Greenery

To enjoy some natural beauty, I visited the Current River Greenway. You will find this along the Current River. Get away from bustling city life to enjoy the scenery. Current River Park, Birch Point Park, and Evergreen Park are the areas you will find within the greenway. Go hiking in the conversation area featured by the greenway.

  • Be Mesmerized by the Waterfall

Kakabeka Falls surely took my breath away. It is 30 km west from the city of Thunder Bay and has been given the pet name Niagara of the North. The rock facing the falls has fossils from oldest times.

Mexico City: Coolest Things You Should Not Miss Out On

Mexico City has been a dream destination for me. I found so much to do and see in this city. The modern and progressive city offered me all comfort that I expected out of the home. If you are in the United States, it is a close and affordable destination. Visit Mexico City and get mesmerized. To get started, check out my top recommendations.

  • Take a ride in the Double Decker Turibus

Hop on to a Turibus. I got a great overview of the entire area. Check out the sites from the top that you are going to enjoy after you get down. Mexico City is huge. Buses run from morning till night. You can board the bus from an official bus stop. There are four tours southern circuit to Coyoacan, the main tour through via the heart of the city, a small Basilica tour, and Polanco through the modern and wealthy area.

  • Have Churros in El Moro

Churros, the fried bread pieces smeared in cinnamon and sugar. It is a delicious treat. I simply loved this at El Moro. This is the best place to have Churros. It has been making 80 years and is situated at the heart of the city. Visit and dig into a place of Churros.

  • Take a stroll in Chapultepec Park

In case you are looking for some respite from the busy city life, you simply couldn’t go wrong with the trip to stroll the lush and green Chapultepec Park. This is one of the largest parks you will find in the western hemisphere at 1,600 acres which is double the area of New York’s Central Park. The park is filled with trees and lakes. I took a boat ride, visited the zoo, or visit the museums. These are all for free.

Tips on Choosing the Best Mode of Transport

What is the best mode of transport for your next trip? There are diverse modes of transport to take you or your cargo to where you want. However, not all of them will guarantee you the comfort and safety you deserve. The cost of each of the method will also determine the choice you will make. To choose the best mode of transport, you have to consider many factors. Top on the list should be where you are going and what you are carrying. The availability of means of transport will also be another factor to consider. The following tips will help you choose the best mode of transportation.

1. The best method should be readily available

It is important to note that you should travel when you want to. The best means of transport should be available when the need to move arises. You do not have to wait for days to travel. It is better, for example, to use a train if it is available than to wait for days for an airplane.

2. It Should Save Time

Time is a resource you do not want to waste. Despite the cost of transport of the airplane being high, this is the best method as far as time is concerned. You should be in your destination as fast as possible so that you can finish your business and return on time. Airplanes are known to be fast and efficient. Choose the airlines which will take you to your destination directly. A delayed airplane can be expensive in the long run. In whatever mode of transport you choose, the time taken to reach the destination might be the most significant factor.

3.  It Should be Affordable

Affordability is another factor which will determine the mode of transport you will use. Sometimes, you can be forced to use expensive means if there are no other available options. If you have time to spare, you can use cheaper means of transport. The most costly mode of transport is almost always is the safest and quickest. Therefore, do your calculations well to know if it is viable to use the quickest mode of transport.

4.  What You are Transporting

If you are transporting perishable goods, for example, you must use fast and reliable mode of transport. If you are going for a vacation with your family, the ideal form of transport should be the safest and most enjoyable despite the cost. If you are taking a sick family member abroad for treatment, you have to choose a specialized airline. In other words, what you are transporting will determine the mode you will use.


Whether you are going on a vacation, business trip or transporting cargo, the choice of mode of transport will determine how successful your journey will be. The best method of transport should be available, reliable, safe and conducive with what you are transporting. Your safety and that of your cargo are paramount in choosing the best means to use when moving.